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BONE bipod i kolfiber

There is a huge range of bipods on the market; all their good and useful features were analysed, partly adopted and integrated with new innovative “STRASSER genes”. The result is definitely the most universal bipod available.

The new STRASSER bipod BONE
High-alloy aluminium was used, harmoniously matched and combined with high-quality, high-strength carbon.

With no less than seven different adapters, STRASSER offers almost all shooters the possibility of coupling the STRASSER BONE with a variety of weapons.

The STRASSER BONE can be mounted on any fore-end stock with two screws, using the Strasser Universal Adapter. By means of a M-LOK, KeyMod and Picatinny adapter, it can also be combined with all modern sporting and official rifles.

Denna vara är licenspliktig.

Leg (pod) length
7.5" - 10.5"
Non-slip rubber feet
Hardened steel tips
Detent positions
90 detent is spring loaded and allows traversing (from right to left approx. 20°)!

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